If I were to give a one word review of my first impression of an evening in the company of THE BARKSDALE BUBBLE, it would simply be thus; REFRESHING! ... this band delivers the goods without ever once, in three and a half hours, getting stale or worn thin. Kudos to the gentlemen in the Bubble! Thanks for injecting a refreshing shot of rock and roll goodness straight into my jaded brain!” - Ron Huitt

Meet The Barksdale bubble

It's Poppin' Up in Here

Meet The Barksdale Bubble: a most excellent high energy rockin' party band, where electrifying guitar solos meet powerhouse female vocals. Our top-tier musicianship sets the stage for an unforgettable experience as we redefine classics with our signature twists. From a haunting minor ballad rendition of "Sweet Child O' Mine" to an energetic 80s rock transformation of "I Want It That Way" and "I Knew You Were Trouble," we keep the surprises coming. Not to mention, our hard rock/metal versions of "Devil Went Down to Georgia" and "Bad Guy" will leave you in awe.

At Barksdale Bubble, we're more than just a cover band—we're a musical phenomenon. Whether it’s the pulse of Van Halen or the edge of Billie Eilish, we bridge the gap between the legendary and the contemporary. Join us for a night where classics are reborn and the party never stops. Ready to rock? Barksdale Bubble is here to deliver an epic show that will not only burst your bubble but blow your mind!

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